Intrinsic Value Equity

Sierra Investment Partners, Inc. chose Todd Asset Management LLC, as its exclusive sub-advisor to offer Intrinsic Value Equity products to the Taft-Hartley marketplace. The Intrinsic Value Equity approach is long term and risk averse. Investment results demonstrate that a portfolio of companies, selling at a relative and significant discount to their fair market value with positive company-specific catalysts, should consistently outperform the market. Todd Asset Management LLC, based in Louisville, Kentucky, is one of the region’s oldest and largest money management firms.

Intrinsic Value Equity:

Discipline:  We use an intrinsic value approach that identifies stocks selling at significant discounts or premiums to their intrinsic value.

Low Risk:  Diversification across sectors, industries, and individual securities combined with an emphasis on quality give the portfolio attractive risk characteristics.

Fundamental Prospect:  Company-specific fundamental prospects signaling improvement in a company’s prospects and positive change in investor expectations should lead to higher returns.