High Yield Fixed Income

In the High Yield Fixed Income arena, Sierra chose Fort Washington Investment Advisors, Inc. as its exclusive sub-advisor. Sierra performs the marketing function and monitors the investment process performed by  Fort Washington Investment Advisors, Inc..

Investment Philosophy:

We believe that the most appropriate risk-return scenario within the High Yield market exists in the higher quality, less volatile segments. Further, we believe that focus on these segments can also produce attractive absolute returns. We believe these results are best achieved by focusing on:

  • Higher quality credits with lower default risk
  • Mature sectors that can weather a full cycle


Outperform over a full market cycle by protecting principal and providing a stable level of income with a favorable upside and downside capture experience.

Key Strengths

  • Client-focused
  • Investment oriented
  • Multi-strategy
  • Disciplined, focused, collegial teams