Global Value Equity

Our global value equity investment approach, which focuses on absolute value and long-term appreciation, distinguishes our portfolios from others. We believe international diversification provides investors with greater opportunity and may reduce overall portfolio risk. We seek value wherever it can be found. Country and industry weightings are residuals of the stock selection process, they do not drive it. This enables the incorporation of the best ideas into every portfolio, subject only to its specific geographic mandate and investment guidelines, which include the in-depth Sierra International Social Screening© process that eliminates those stocks that do not meet our rigorous standards. These screens favor companies that protect human rights, workers’ safety, Labor’s right to collectively bargain, ethical employment standards, and the creation of U.S. jobs through export to the U.S. They also protect against ownership in companies that use child or prison labor, displace American products or workers, or impose unfair trade barriers against the U.S.

Investment Philosophy: 

  • We seek companies that we believe are trading at a discount to what our research indicates the company may be worth.
  • Security prices can fluctuate more widely than underlying security values. In our opinion, market efficiencies should recognize and correct these security prices over time.
  • We identify value through rigorous fundamental analysis of a company’s business to determine what we consider its economic worth based on future earnings, cash flow, or asset value potential.

Sierra Investment Partners, Inc. chose  Templeton as its sub-advisor for the International Value Equity and Global Value Equity strategies. Templeton has one of the longest global investment track records in the world. For more than 70 years, Templeton has been managing assets globally with portfolio managers and analysts strategically located in offices throughout the world.

  • 1940 – Sir John Templeton founded the Templeton organization
  • 1954 – Templeton introduces its first global equity mutual fund: Templeton Growth Fund
  • 1992 – Templeton was acquired by Franklin Resources, Inc. to create Franklin Templeton

Disciplined Investment Process, – Consistent adherence to the investment philosophy and principles of Sir John Templeton*.

Experienced Team, – The depth, experience and analytical capabilities of our global research team are key to the Templeton process.

Clear Focus, – Investment management and research is our only business.

*The Templeton investment products follow the investment management principles established by its founder and former chairman, Sir John Templeton, who is no longer affiliated with the Templeton organization, and has not been since 1992.