Large Cap Growth Equity

Sierra Investment Partners, Inc. chose Amundi Asset Management US, Inc., as its exclusive sub-advisor to offer Large Cap Growth Equity products to the Taft-Hartley marketplace. This investment process emphasizes high-quality companies that take advantage of business trends, demonstrate competitive strength, and have attractive returns on incremental invested capital. We believe that a concentrated portfolio of companies that exhibit dominant business franchise, strong long-term growth characteristics, and the ability capitalize on secular trends will provide consistent, superior performance over time.

Characteristics (versus S&P 500):  

  • Historic Higher P/E Ratios
  • Historic Higher Earnings Growth Rate
  • Historic Lower Long-term Debt / Capital

Characteristics:  We seek companies with above average profitability, return on invested capital, growth potential, market position, balance sheet and management.

Price: We look for businesses whose securities are selling at a significant discount to our estimation of their intrinsic value.

Value Drivers: Our investments must have improving fundamentals, a specific catalyst, or a clear strategic plan to unlock value.